There are times when you can’t see the problem coming. You’re driving down the highway, you hear a loud “pop,” and the engine begins to smoke and smolder. Not good.

But, it all could have been prevented with one quick trip to Say Ray in Palo Alto, CA. You see, at Say Ray, we provide the best preventative maintenance in the business. For every type of Volvo, Toyota, and Lexus, we provide 20k, 30k, and 60k-mile maintenance packages at a price that you will love. We can also replace parts for your vehicle that are worn or broken before they become a problem to save you thousands in future repairs.

Since opening in 1959, Say Ray has updated our maintenance techniques to keep up with the changing times. Our trained techs will answer questions, provide excellent maintenance insights, and offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car was worked on by the most skilled hands in the business.

For more information about the type of comprehensive maintenance services Say Ray offers for Lexus, Toyota, and Volvo vehicles, or to schedule your own personalized appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 650-493-8480.